Why commercial carpet cleaning? 

I guess it was the logical step for our little crew of carpet washing savants. Trust me, we have done our fair share of home carpet and rug cleaning, stain removal for armchairs and sofas, and mattress steam washing. We were ready to move on to the next stage of the journey – and the challenges of cleaning a 200-square-foot carpeted floor at a high-end restaurant in Central London are incomparable to any home treatment.

Who are “We”? 

The seven-year-old team at Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company London(I know, we should have come up with something shorter!) It feels a lot longer than seven years – the team seems to have been together for ages. But it has been a time well spent – we have learned so much through hard work, trials and tribulations, and a few hiccups down the road. We have helped small local businesses keep their carpet cleaning expenses under tight rain; we have built great relationships of trust and mutual respect with managers all over London; we have even cleaned the carpets at some iconic cafes and restaurants in the capital.

What Makes Us Special? 

Honestly, I don’t like comparing us to other carpet cleaning contractors. It is in our DNA to strive to be unique and find our own way. It doesn’t mean, however, that I am oblivious to certain differences in our performance. Arguably the most important of them is our almost obsessive result-oriented mindset. Don’t get me wrong – every professional carpet washer wants to do a good job. Other companies, however, trust their methods and equipment for the results and present them to the customers as the ultimate standard of quality. Our approach is different – the techniques and equipment are just the tools to achieve the goal, and we do not stop until we are confident that we cannot do better. 

What Can You Always Expect From Our Service?

As I have already mentioned, we had to jump on a very steep learning curve when we transitioned from domestic to commercial carpet cleaning. As a result, the following working principles have crystalised:

  • We will never waste your time – our cleaners always arrive at least ten minutes early for every appointment and stick to the agreed deadline.
  • We will not lie to you – telling the customers what they want to hear, and then failing to deliver is the quickest path to catastrophe. We are into the problem-solving business, not politics.
  • We always give you all the information you require – pricing, safety protocols, types of detergents used, scheduling information – you ask, we answer!

But let’s be 100% real – the only way you can assess us is to see us in action! Get in touch right away to receive a free quote or to discuss the multiple ways we can be of service! 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Leigh Winston, CEO of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company London