Who is London Chow

London Chow is a collective effort of two souls who live to eat.

Initially, the series of food posts first appeared in London Expat | What ELSE to do in London as a compilation of a clueless couple in London trying to figure their way around and falling back on the national obsession of a people from Singapore, a tiny tropical isle halfway round the globe where every day is a quest to find where the best food is. After awhile, the number of food posts just grew to a point where having an independent site made sense and that saw the birth of London Chow.

I believe that the preference of food can be quite subjective - one person's meat can be another person's poison, sometimes quite literally so. Also, whether one likes a restaurant often depends on factors outside the control of the person preparing the dishes. For me, other than the quality of the food, it's also the service, ambience, timing and even the company that I had with me. That said, like many, I do have my favourites and here are the 10 best London restaurants in my humble opinion.

In short, eating isn't just about the food, it's about the entire dining experience. Bon appetit, my friends!

London Chow


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