Featuring on the front page of search words "Where to eat in London" of Google, London Chow receives just under 400 unique visits per day and the average page views is around 2.8 per visitor. Just over half of London Chow's visitors arrive through search engines looking for reviews of specific restaurants in London, around 40% comes from referring sites and the rest comes through directly. Out of all visitors, 3/4 are new.

Not only that, London Chow is named as one of the top 10 most influential London food blogs by AskMen (UK). If you are looking for a targeted group of audience who are on the lookout for where to eat, this would definitely be an avenue for you.

Other than this, London Chow also offers advertising opportunities on both London Accommodation Guide as well as London in a Weekend Guide, which are downloadable over at London Expat.

If you think London Chow is the right fit for you and is what you're looking for, give me a shout at advertise@singaporeaninlondon[dot]com. Look forward to hearing from you!

London Chow


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