Monday, 11 November 2013

Find LondonChow on Dayre - the all new microblogging platform

Mention social media and there is this irresistible urge to update your status. Nothing comes to mind? Well, perhaps spending some time catching up with what your pals online are up to will provide some inspiration. Still nothing? Let's give "I'm bored" a go and there is always an outside chance that some soul in another part of the world will ping you right back. Even a nonchalant "Hello" gives you some solace that you aren't alone.

Let's be honest, most of us spend more time trying to trim down our update to a maximum of 140 characters. Yes, that means being creative and resorting to online jargon - the likes of LOL, gr8, tt, IMHO ensure. It does get a tad tiring after a while. There are times when you wish to post more than a paragraph, a photo, check-in and even slap on a silly sticker that very much reflect your mood. And really, you would very much prefer not to have your mum share that with all her friends, thank you very much.

Enter Dayre, the newest online micro-blogging website that allows all the above in the comfort of your mobile devices. Accessing the site is easy - either go online to or download a free app for iPhone or Andriod. If you fear neglecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts, fret not; Dayre allows simultaneous updates to both platforms as well.

I have the honour of being one of the 30 UK bloggers selected to start the ball rolling for Dayre's launch (with the very fancy name of Alpha Seeders). Naturally, that's the result of being eating too much and having the audacity of actually writing about it. The expanding waistline is worth it, I suppose. Anyway, you can find me at

For the next six weeks or so, I'll be posting on a regular basis about what's going on in LondonChow's universe. You'll be surprised to find out what else went down the gut that is not committed to the world of Internet. Nothing gross I promise. And also I'll be sharing what went on in the kitchen on the days that I actually try to conjure up something. And of course, tons of non-food related stuff as I go about London.

Give it a go. Just download the Dayre app and start sharing your thoughts, insights, moments of inspirations, outfits, recipes, creative crafts, that mugshot of the cheeky guy who pretended to be asleep when he saw a Baby On Board badged lady.

Oh, while you are at it, also check out Dayre on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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