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Plum & Spilt Milk at Great Northern Hotel (King's Cross) - the meal before your journey

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Address: Great Northern Hotel,
King's Cross St Pancras Road
London N1C 4TB
Phone: 020 3388 0818
Nearest Tube station:
King's Cross

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £40
Service charge: 12.5%
Taste: ***
Service: ****
Ambience: ****
TT jots down some notes of her dinner on her way back from King's Cross.

I can't believe how much King's Cross has changed in the last five years. It has managed to shake off its colourful past and reinvent itself into a place where you actually want to be. Most travel hubs do tend to fall into a rut. Even when modernised they are bursting at the seams with high street stores and fast food chains with very little else. King's Cross had its share of those too but there are interesting deviations. I am quite partial to Gilbert Scott and now I have added Plum + Split Milk at the Northern Hotel as one of my go to dinner places.

Plum + Split Milk is housed in the Great Northern Hotel which looks like a warehouse in the midst of taxi ranks but is very well dressed up inside. We went on a weekday evening and to our surprise the restaurant is already buzzing. It has wrap around windows which gives a good view of the surrounding streets basking in the glow of the late summer sunshine.

I had devilled lamb's kidneys on toast as my starter. I loved it. It had a light crisp texture on the outside which gave way to a creamy smoothness. My lamb shank served in a cast iron pot did not live up to the same standards. It was ok. Boring. Something that could have easily come out of any home kitchen. The portions were generous though - we had no room for desert!

While the food does not hit the high notes all the time, the lovely service and the beautiful decor more than makes up for it. Make time to have a meal there the next time you are going to catch a train from King's Cross. It would put you in good spirits for the journey ahead.

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