Thursday, 6 June 2013

100 Hoxton - tapas with an Asian twist, livening up Hoxton Street Market


Address: 100-1002 Hoxton Street
London N1 6SG
Phone: 020 7729 1444
Nearest Overground station:

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £10
Service charge: 12.5%
Taste: ***
Service: ****
Ambience: ***
TT was on her way to Song Que but decided to give this new setup a try. The 50% off promotion helps.

Something is happening to Hoxton Street. Best known for its street market, it was really not known for its restaurants but it has been quietly reinventing itself, dare I say it, into a little village. Two quirky cafes have opened up at the top of the street and now 100 Hoxton has joined the fray.

Blink and you may just walk past it as it has no markings whatsoever. The menu is printed on a piece of paper and stuck to the glass panel by the door and what caught my attention was the note proclaiming the 50 percent offer for its soft launch.

Launched by the people behind Zilouf's on Upper Street, 100 Hoxton serves small plates for sharing. Think tapas but with an Asian twist. The menu is divided into various sections - seafood, meat, vegetables, sides and sweets. They have come up with fancier names for those categories though.

Flatbread (£3.50) arrived first. Coriander and slices of chilli freshened the palate while the tamarind and caramelised onion jam underlay sweetened the deal. Even if you are watching your carbo, a small nibble of this would get your appetite going. The edamame and split pea fritter (£6) was delicious. These little balls of cumin flavoured goodness reminded me of those little Indian snacks available from the mama and papa shops I used to have in Singapore. Do they still do them now I wonder?

Slow roasted pork (£10) would not have been inspiring if not for the red miso pepper paste. The paste packed a lot of Unami and really helped to lift the dish. Char grilled shell on prawns (£8) were forgettable. For the dish to sing, the prawns have to be really fresh but here they tasted flat.

Sago pudding server with fresh fruit (£6) was decent but again not something that would draw me to return. Imagine a fruit salad but instead of resting on a bed of greens the pieces of fruit are nestled amongst jelly like beads reminded me of the sago deserts readily available at the food courts or hawker centres in Singapore but at a far heftier price.

Service was warm and prompt. I would definitely be back again. The soft launch might have ended but they still do an offer where 2 people can share a dish from each section of the menu for £30. So if you are in the area and desperately needs to try something other than the Vietnamese offerings along Kingsland Road do give 100 Hoxton a try.

LondonChow says: 100 Hoxton's 50% off promotion has been extended to 23 June. For more updates, check out its tweets @100HoxtonSt. For more London restaurant updates, follow me @London_Chow.

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