Saturday, 13 April 2013

Puro Coffee - the ethical organic coffee

Puro Coffee

Puro Coffee a purveyor of Fairtrade organic coffee has kindly sent me some samples of their products. I have seen it being served in cafes before and am thrilled to have the chance to enjoy them in the comfort of my home.

It had been some time since I had to brew my own coffee since I acquired my Nespresso machine and it took me a while to brew the ground coffee but the aroma made it worth the while. Of the flavours my personal favourite is Puro Noble. I like its rich flavour which comes with a slight hint if chocolate. Not only is this a Fairtrade coffee it is also shade grown. This is the first time I have heard of shade grown coffee which encourages the preservation of trees or replanting of trees to provide the requisite shade which in turn promotes bio diversity.

Puro Coffee has teamed up with World Land Trust, a UK land conservation charity such that money from each bag of coffee sold goes towards purchasing and preserving rainforest essential for protecting biodiversity in coffee producing countries.
In fact, you might have tasted Puro’s coffee without even realising it – not only cafes at every National Trust site offer them, those in all London’s Royal Parks do too. Cafes and restaurants chains such as Le Pain Quotidien and Leon have joined the ranks too.

A coffee that ticks all the boxes - tastes great, promotes fair trade and preserves the environment - what is there not to like?

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