Friday, 15 February 2013

London KERB Street Food Market - give those sandwiches chains a miss

Fleischmob London food stallA frankfurter for you? Come on, I know you want one... (Photo by FHSoc)

This is a brought to you by TT. She is always hungry.

I am sure you have heard about KERB, a movement to revolutionize London's street food. It brings together traders serving exceptional food at markets and events for the masses. Its most well known market is at King's Cross trading between 1100am to 230pm between Tuesday to Friday with 4 to 7 traders everyday. There is a rota of different traders everyday so there is always something different for the regular customer. I have wanted to try KERB for some time but I work in the City and getting to King's Cross or lunch is much of a challenge. Thus when KERB started a market on Thursdays in the shadow of the Gherkin I just had to try it.

I took the long walk down to the Gherkin on a frosty Thursday. The KERB market at the Gherkin takes place every Thursday between 11 am to 230pm with 6 traders each day. The day I went, the traders include Fleischmob (schitznel and frankfurters), Spit & Roast (buttermilk fried chicken) and Mike + Ollie (fresh flatbread with a variety of fillings) and Bell & Brisket (hot salted beef).

It was clear that Spit & Roast was the clear favorite they were the first to sell out and that was just before 1p.m. Judging by the queues, Mike + Ollie was another clear favourite. I fancied some schitznel and set out queuing patiently for one at Fleischbmob. For £5.50, you get a rare breed pork schitznel (with a generous squeeze of lemon juice) sandwiched between 2 slices of sourdough rye bread with homemade spied plum compote and rocket to hold the sandwich together. The food is cooked to order so you get it piping hot (or as hot as it can possibly get in the freezing outdoors) but it does mean you have to wait a while. I love the schitnzel - crisp and delicious but I do feel that that the plum compote does not do the meat any flavours. Still it was only £5.50 - there aren't many spots in the city of London where you can cooked to order food at this price.

So city workers, give your Pret, Eat, Pod or wherever you usually have your lunch a miss. Give KERB a try, you will never want to go back to your regular high street lunch venues again.

Have you lunched at a KERB street food market before? Which is your favourite stall? 

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