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Waterhouse Restaurant - Regents Canal pitstop that serves decent food at a fabulous price

Waterhouse Restaurant Regents Canal burger chips
Burger at Waterhouse Restaurant - it is more filling than it looks

Address: 10 Orsman Road
London N1 5QJ
Phone: 020 7033 0123
Nearest Overground station: Haggerston

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £10
Service charge: 12.5%
Taste: ***
Service: ***
Ambience: ***
Walking along Regents Canal is all about hopping from one pitstop to another. Towpath Cafe is positively spilling with people these days - they had to find space on a berth set up along the riverbank. You'd be hard-pressed to find a seat at Waterline Bar that lies just beside it either.

But a few minutes to the east along Regent Canal lies a quiet little restaurant on the opposite bank. Waterhouse Restaurant is accessible over Kinglands Road to the south bank of Regents Canal. It's where you can get a burger with onion rings and chips for just £6 - the price of a slice of cake and cappuccino at Towpath Cafe. And it's a full service restaurant (with proper tables and chairs in case you are wondering) to boot.

Now that I've got your attention, what's the catch you might ask. Waterhouse is run by Shoreditch Trust, which serves to empower the deprived in Borough of Hackney. There you go, the burger is cheap not because it's bulked up with horse meat but because it's run by a charity.

Admittedly, the kitchen is a bit haphazard and chaotic at times with a youthful looking head chef shouting orders across the counter and the rest scrambling for a portion of chips. It's a bit like Gordan Ramsey's show with all the f-words replaced with "thank you". It's odd I know but I get the impression that the kitchen staff are doing their apprenticeship, pretty much like what Jamie Oliver is doing Fifteen.

Waterhouse Restaurant chicken wrap butternut squash
Chicken wrap - now we're talking...

So how went the food? We managed to keep our bbq beef burger and chicken wrap with butternut squash (£6) down, which was more than what could be said about many other places. Wife was particularly impressed with her chicken wrap. The batter reminded her of the fried chicken she had as kid when KFC was still good, the bacon bits stuffed into the wrap made it much more palatable too. We got a bit carried away and even ordered a kid's portion of pasta for LO at a princely sum of £2.

Ironically, considering what was charged for what could very well be a full meal, a cappuccino still cost £2. I guess there's a base price when it comes to firing up the coffee machine. Regardless, I believe we've found ourselves yet another pitstop along Regents Canal.

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