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Rivington Grill review Rivington Street - that luxury burger

Rivington Grill review Rivington Street
Rivington Grill - clean cut decor with a relaxing ambiance

Address: 28 - 30 Rivington Street
London EC2A 3DZ
Phone: 020 3641 1870
Nearest Tube station: Old Street,
Shoreditch High Street

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £30 pp
Service charge: 12.5%
Taste: ***
Service: *****
Ambience: ****
Serves me right for getting his hopes up high. "Fancy a burger? I know of this place. Be very hungry." read my text. I thought AR (possibly one of the few Frenchmen I know who adores his burgers) would fancy catching a bite at MEATmission.

I should have checked. It was Monday evening and the Shoreditch burger joint was closed. It was a chilly evening and I was about to suggest having a hot bowl of pho at Cay Tre. "Now I'd really like to have a good burger," he exclaimed. Byron wouldn't do; it's too high street. That was how we ended up at Rivington Grill.

Now, Rivington Grill, as the name implies, is known for its grilled meat. Yes, the burger's patty grilled too but that's hardly the same. But AR was so drummed up about the Rivington Luxury Burger (£12.95) that I had to order that. Frankly, I would be sorely disappointed if I had not gotten a burger by the end of that day.

Rivington luxury burger wasn't on the menu itself, instead it was among the many "specials" on the board behind the bar. The truth is I would most certainly have missed it if not for AR pointing it out. Perhaps the burger is for folks who stumbled into the restaurant not knowing any better?

Rivington Grill review Rivington Street Rivington Luxury Burger
Rivington Luxury Burger - the egg looked out of place

I requested the burger to be medium rare and the thick minced patty came with just the right amount of pink. The burger came with an egg sunny side up just on top of the bacon stripes later, which was a tad odd. I find egg yolk when hardened tend not to go very well with beef patty. We aren't talking about fast food burger chains, it is not about carbo loading.

That said, a point scored by Rivington Grill: If your burger is going to be thick, please have the pickles, tomatoes and salad (if any) set aside. There is really not much point of stacking everything up an then attempt to bunch everything up with a pathetic stick. How do you expect that to be eaten? Everything falls apart when the stick is removed and it'd back to square one.

Good chips accompanied the burger. Crunch on the outside, soft and mushy on the inside. AR's words actually. While they weren't exactly the triple cooked chips at Hawksmoor, I have come across worse. The dip was a mild ketchup with a dash of mustard, a safe choice.

What left a deep impression was the excellent service that we got throughout our meal. My only regret was not asking the name of the waiter who served us. If you are asked whether you would like some bread to begin with, do go for it. It was one of those crusty soft white served warm with almost melted salty butter. I resisted not asking for seconds.

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