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MEATmission review Hoxton Market burger joint - a messy meat fest

MEATmission review Hoxton Market stain glass
The stained glass ceiling at MEATmission compensates for the windowless setup

Address: 14-15 Hoxton Market,
London N1 6HG
Phone: 0207 739 8212
Nearest Tube station: Old Street

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £20 pp
Service charge: N/A
Taste: ****
Service: ****
Ambience: ****
Point to note: Hoxton Market (where MEATmission is located) isn't Hoxton Street Market. It's a good 15min walk between the two. Neither is it Hoxton Square, which is probably the one of the most happening parts of Hoxton. Look out for the red neon signboard that says "MISSION". Knowing that would save you going on an exploratory trip around Hoxton while on a bid to satisfy your meat cravings.

MEATmission is the third branch of the MEAT chain (after MEATliqour and MEATmarket). Taking its name from the former Christian mission that it occupies, there is obvious effort to preserve as much of the original interiors as possible. For one, the tablets are still in place on the walls. Fancy having a burger with decades old remains right next to you? You've come to the right place.

As this is the first MEAT joint that I've been to, I didn't know what to expect other than salads probably isn't its forte. The roll of highly absorbent kitchen towels on each table hinted a messy affair. And it turned out to be one as well.

Everything arrived in a single tray. The burgers were on the tray, that was that. Plates? Come on, that's what the kitchen roll is for, isn't it? I'm surprised that our fries weren't heaped onto the tray like our bingo wings.

MEATmission review Hoxton Market chilli cheesy fries
Chilli cheese fries - all the calories that you need for a week

Presentation aside, our chilli cheese fries (£5) was sinful indeed. Picture perfectly good fries covered with melted cheddar, chilli beef mince, chopped onions and jalapeños with a tinge of mustard. It was like being eighteen all over again. I can have that all day.

MEATmission review Hoxton Market bingo wings
Bingo wings were a tad dried for my liking

Bingo wings (£6) was marinated with a homemade chilli sauce, which was fine. But the blue cheese dip made all the difference.

MEATmission review Hoxton Market dirty chicken burger
Dirty chicken burger - the ultimate zinger

I'm not sure what inspired dirty chicken burger's (£7) name. Deep fried chicken fillet, mayo, lettuce and onion. In short, it's the ultimate KFC's zinger burger fan's fantasy. It's massive and regardless of which way you take the first bite, it's going to end up a mess (cue in the kitchen towels). However, instead of the thigh fillet that KFC serves, you have breast meat. A plus for those who are health conscious. Then again, if you are counting calories, you really shouldn't be at MEATmission.

MEATmission review Hoxton Market

MEATmission doesn't disappoint as a burger joint. All burgers are priced at around £7 to £8. While it is great for a casual night out with your mates, it wouldn't do with anyone whom you don't want seeing you lick your fingers half the time.

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