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Duck & Waffle - best London skyline view

Duck and Waffle Heron London restaurant skyline view
London's skyline view up at Duck & Waffle - with a view like that, decent food can only be a bonus

Address: Heron Tower
110 Bishopgate, London EC2N 4AY
Tel: 020 3640 7310
Nearest Tube station: Liverpool Street

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £15 pp (drink at bar)
Service charge: 12.5%
Taste: N/A
Service: ****
Ambience: ***
"Ooh, I can't take it anymore!" The woman in the same lift as me squealed as she shuffled away from the side of the lift facing out on its surge up to the 40th floor.

Fast becoming among London's most popular restaurants, Duck & Waffle and Sushi Samba certainly offer one of the best London skyline views. Having a full meal at these two restaurants at the top of Heron Towers can easily set you back by a tidy bit with drinks. But the thing is that it needn't be.

We turned out at 11.45am at The Heron building trying our luck at getting a table and were by the concierge on the ground floor that unless a reservation has been made, Duck & Waffle would not accept walk-ins. But it would be fine if we were getting drinks at the bar area instead. We jumped at that.

Duck and Waffle Bar Heron Tower London restaurant
Duck & Waffle's bar area

The lift ride itself was rather exhilarating and we were rewarded by a nice view once we reach the top. It wasn't exactly unobstructed all thanks to the steel bars holding up the building but it was nevertheless an amazing one. Even then, when asked about the view, a staff said,"it's difficult get excited about it after awhile unless there's a brilliant sunrise or the likes."

A shaky view down from the 40th floor of Heron Tower

There were a number of customers milling around in the bar area taking in the views. I would have thought that the drinks would be rather dear. Well, cocktails go for around £11 per serving so you be the judge. Coffee, however, is cheaper than some cafes closer to the ground (my cappuccino cost £3). Other than olives (£2.50) and BBQ pigs ears (£4), there are no other finger food.

Looking down at the vast London skyline, it struck me how grey London really is. In the middle of winter without a shrub of greenery, it was a depressing sight indeed.

That is were not for the pigs ears, which were marvellous.

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