Saturday, 24 March 2012

Market Cafe review Broadway Market - Regent's Canal pitstop


Address: 2 Broadway Market
London E8 4QG
Tel: 020 7249 9070
Nearest Train station: London Fields

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £20 pp
Service charge: 12.5%
Taste: ***
Service: ***
Ambience: ***
I never thought that I would get to taste a zong-zi (rice dumpling) in London's Hackney. Granted that Market Cafe's offering wasn't made of glutinous rice like the ones that we have back home but it did taste uncannily similar.

For one, instead of pork chunks, mushrooms and the occasional roasted chestnut, Market Cafe's had steak and kidney. Instead of being wrapped in glutinous rice, it was a flour pudding.

LO took a look at it and started prodding it with her fork. That amused her for the next ten seconds and she decided that Daddy might have better luck at getting to what was in the inverted bowl shaped pudding.

Market Cafe's steak and kidney pudding (£26) wouldn't look a bit out of place at St John's. In fact, its entire menu that bears the likes of deviled kidneys on toasts (£7), oxtail soup (£6), leek and Montgomery pie (£12) wouldn't.

The steak and kidney pudding was served under the 25 minutes indicated in the menu. It didn't look like it was meant for "two to three" people but looks could be deceiving for it was filled to the brim with, well, steak and kidney chunks. The pudding itself was still floury. Perhaps it was like one of those pies served at Hampton Court where the thick pastry covering was really meant to protect its fillings from being overcooked. But LO was going through it with relish so we were perfectly fine with that.



Market Cafe, which sits at the south end of Broadway Market was packed with customers lapping it all up that Sunday afternoon. With the mild spring weather and sun coming out in full force, they were spilling onto the sidewalk.

With a lunch destination on the list, our walk along Regent's Canal from Angel to Broadway Market has become one of our favourite weekend activity as Spring beckons.

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