Thursday, 21 July 2011

10 quick tips when buying wines - get more value for money

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Wine is perhaps the most complex of all foods or drinks, in that there are simply so many different ways to enjoy it. Many people dedicate a lots of time to studying wine, learning subtle taste differences, and even traveling to the world’s most renowned vineyards. For some people, these are fun activities that can lead to a fruitfully thorough understanding of wine. However, for others, wine is nothing more than a choice between red and white. So, before you pick up your next bottle from your local shop or Marks & Spencer online, here are 10 quick tips when buying wine for casual wine drinkers interested in learning a bit more about their wine.

1. Research – There is plenty of literature and advice on the Internet regarding wine. You can even join clubs or sign up for mailing lists that provide regular wine buying tips. This can save you from simply guessing when buying your next bottle.

2. Plan Your Whole Meal – If you are buying wine for a specific occasion, you will want to purchase the wine last. This way, you know what kind of meal you are having, and will be able to seek advice about what wines pair well with whatever food you will be having.

3. Know Where To Shop – Do not simply assume that the closest grocery store has an adequate wine selection. There are many smaller shops that offer a wider range and better wine than most chain grocery stores. Find one that you like, and get to know its selection.

4. Do Not Get Caught Up In Price – Cheap wine is not necessarily bad wine. In fact, more and more, vineyards and stores are putting out very high quality wines at very affordable prices. Do not assume you have to spend lots of money to enjoy high quality.

5. Consider Shopping Online – An extension to tip number 3, you may also want to look online, as there are a number of wine stores with enormous selections and affordable prices.

6. Try Different Regions – Wine is produced all over the world, and there are many highly respected wine producing regions. Make sure to try wine from all over the world, as it can open your eyes to new tastes and preferences.

7. Experiment – You don’t have to blindly try random wines, but trying new things, or things you aren’t sure if you will like, can lead to a broader understanding.

8. Taste First – Look for wine tasting events in your area – they are fun to attend, and are a great way of getting quick exposure to a variety of different wines.

9. Relax – Wine can be overwhelming, especially due to the number of “experts” out there. Just remember that everyone starts somewhere, and you will be able to simply enjoy getting to know wines.

10. Trust Your Taste – Advice is valuable, and popular opinion counts for something, but ultimately your wine experience is about developing your own taste. Trust your preferences above all else!

This post is brought to you by Marks & Spencer. Have you got any other tips to share? What's your favourite wine?

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