Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sea Fish Islington Upper Street review - soggy chips, period

Address: 205 Upper Street,
London N1 1RQ
Tel: 020 7354 0276
Nearest Tube station: Highbury & Islington

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: Below £10pp
Service charge: N/A
Taste: *
Service: ***
Ambience: ***
I'm feeling kind of bad right now for she was really quite pleasant. It's really not her fault that the fish and chips didn't quite make the mark; her expression made me felt downright sorry for her when I actually walked up and asked whether the chips were freshly prepared. In case you are wondering, I was referring to the sole waitress at Sea Fish.

To put things in context, there was no one else in Sea Fish when we were there one late weekday afternoon. We meant to check out Canonbury Kitchen just across Islington Upper Street but it opens only for dinner. I could never imagined that there would be places along Upper Street opening only for dinners. Well, most would open for lunches and dinners. Dinners only? Things must be going on either really well or downright bad.

Then again, there are places like Sea Fish, which is opened for the entire day. I should have sensed that something was amiss when the lunch offer "£5.50 for a regular fish and chips" was prominently displayed outside the restaurant. To give it some credit, Seafish does look rather good from the outside, for a chippy that is. Ample light, clean layout and ah, yes, good ventilation to boot. Decorated with Union Jacks all over with a single Turkish eye overlooking the main dining area at the rear.


I went for lunch offer with onion rings on the side (£1.75 for 10 pieces). Let's start with the onion rings, shall we? There was no pretence that up to a moment ago, they were still lying in the freezer. It was not that I found bits of ice in them but I couldn't recall when I last ate such soggy onion rings. But at just 17.5p each, one can hardly complain.


The fish and chips hardly fared better. Seafish's menu boasts that the food are cooked only after the order is made. If that's true, I must have called and ordered yesterday without realising it. Fine, I exaggerated. But that didn't stop me from marching up to the waitress asking whether the chips were freshly cooked for it was served soggy and cold. It was that bad. The slab of fish, though fared marginally better, could be fresher.


A dad with his kid came in after us and ordered a scampi dish. They walked out before we finished our meal leaving four of the ten scampi untouched. Now, have you met a kid who would leave scampi untouched? That said, if you are in the area between lunch and dinner times, and looking for a fry up, I suppose Sea Fish is your stop but don't get your hopes up high. A pity really, with such a cosy interior (even comes with a small exterior seating right at the back), if only the food is a bit better.

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