Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hakkasan review - London best dimsum, no questions about that


Address: 8 Hanway Place,
London W1T 1HD
Tel: 020 7927 7000
Nearest Tube station: Goodge Street,
Tottenham Court Road

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: Below £30pp
Service charge: 12.5%
Taste: *****
Service: ****
Ambience: *****
This is a guest post by TT. A regular guest blogger of both London Chow and London Expat, she loves her siew mai and har kaw. 

A good meal makes me happy and a recent meal at Hakkasan made my day. It had been eons since I was last there and I had forgotten how good its dim sum was. Thanks to some friends who just arrived in town and who wanted to try its one Michelin star cuisine I was reacquainted with the delights from Hakkasan.

Every dish I had there exceeded my expectations save perhaps for the fried rice with salted fish and egg which while perfectly acceptable paled in comparison to the dim sum dishes. The turnip cake was excellent, crispy and yet not oily with just a hint of spice. The vegetarian cheong fun stuffed with you tiao (fried dough) was the best I had, the silky smooth cheung fun and its crispy stuffing bringing out the best in each other. The scallop siew mai and the har kaw (prawn dumplings) were succulent, the stuff of a seafood lover's dream.

We were bursting at the seams but couldn't leave the restaurant without trying it's desserts. I loved my deserts and was pleased to find that Hakksan had a large selection though mostly of the western variety. It had just 3 Chinese deserts - white fungus soup, custard buns either steamed or fried and black sesame balls. We went for the fried custard buns which took some time to arrive, probably because they were prepared only when ordered. They were a real treat with the crispy chewy dough perfectly complementing the sweet custard.

Service was attentive and while I know there are people who like their dim sum in a more traditional setting, Hakkasan's sleek moody decor appeals to me. Excellence comes at a price, the average price hovering around £5. Alas price tags like these meant that a meal at Hakkasan will be for that special occasion, I will have to make do with Royal China for my dim sum fix.

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