Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Myddeltons Delicatessen review - Carrot cake and Focaccia to die for at Clerkenwell's Lloyd Baker Street


Address: 25A Lloyd Baker Street,
London WC1X 9AT
Tel: 020 7278 9192
Nearest Tube station: Angel

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Service charge: N/A
Taste: ***
Service: **
Ambience: **
We first chanced upon Myddlelton’s Delicatessen after getting a coffee from Exmouth Market’s Caravan and was making our way back along Amwell Street. Truth to be told, we were more interested in Unpackaged, an organic grocer diagonally opposite Myddelton’s Delicatessen across the quiet traffic intersection.

Someone mentioned over dinner that Myddelton’s served a mean carrot cake and we made a trip down there the very next day to try it out. She was right. Myddelton’s does serve one of the best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted. Moist, not overly sweet even with whole raisins embedded with bits of carrots, and yet pleasant to the palate.

Well, the single slice of carrot cake hardly count as breakfast so we got a focaccia sandwich as well. And was I glad we did. The focaccia toasted with bacon, tomato and melted French brie (£3.25) was an absolute delight. More so sinking my teeth into the slightly crisp and warm focaccia bread while sunning out in the open on the seating available along the pavement.


Of course, Myddelton’s Delicatessen isn’t just about its foccacia bread and carrot cake. There’s a sign outside saying that it does handmade gourmet sandwich (not sure whether it is referring to the foccacia sandwich I just had), luxury hampers and caters as well. While it functions as the local grocer, its shelves are rather haphazardly arranged, you’ll be hard pressed to find the items you’re looking for. On the same note, Myddelton’s service can be a tad spotty but its heart is in the right place.

Either way, I am glad that we found out about Myddelton’s Delicatessen as it serves as a convenient pit stop between our place to Exmouth Market. I can certainly do with a warmly toasted foccacia sandwich every now and then.

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Thomas said...

Yeah, I have the same problem... I really don't have a good motivation to visit strange places, I use Rummble app which shows me rates (which are personalised) and helps to decide where to go. Do you know any other good apps, or you just go there without reading any reviews? Like your blog! Cheers

C K said...

Not sure what 'problem' you are referring to but I do try to check out places recommended by people I come into contact with. Anywhere to recommend?

Thomas said...

@C K, by 'problem' I mean that places are crappy sometimes. Try Harran(399 Green Lanes) - Turkish restaurant, they have really good food(vege as well) and Turkish bread is totally different.Cheers

C K said...

Thanks. Am a sucker for Turkish bread after tasting some pretty decent ones at Hazev. Harran looks a bit out of the way for me (especially now with the little one around) but will check out the place if I'm in the vicinity. Cheers!