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King's Cross Camino brunch review - churros dipped in chocolate, need I say more?

Address: 3 Varnishers Yard
London N1 9FD
Tel: 020 7841 7330
Nearest Tube station: King's Cross

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £15 pp
Service charge: N.A.
Taste: ***
Service: ***
Ambience: ***
We have been to Camino at King’s Cross just once sometime back when HP brought us. She was still quite into sangria then and promptly order a whole jug at the bar. While I didn’t share her enthusiasm over sangria, I remembered being really impressed by Camino’s ‘black rice’, which is essentially rice cooked in squid ink and with cuttlefish.

Everything else was a blur as that was before London Chow and I didn’t use to dine with a camera at hand. Besides Camino’s black rice, my only other impression of it was that it was noisy, loud thumping music noisy.


Two years later, Wife and I returned to Camino again. Not for its black rice and with the Little One in tow, we can do without loud music and flashing lights. We headed to Camino for its brunch, which we gathered online that was pretty decent.

Camino in the morning is a totally different world. When light falls, Camino adopts a club like atmosphere filled with workers streaming in from King’s Cross for a drink and even a tapas or two before heading home. In the morning, Camino is all toned down. Brightly lit with sunlight streaming in, it feels like one of those sensible hotel breakfast cafeteria. Noisy and rowdy revellers are replaced by sleepy travellers waiting for the trains and local residents flipping through their weekend dailies.


Espressos replaced sangria and that’s exactly what I asked for. More precisely, I asked for a café bombon (£1.60), which is espresso with a layer of condensed milk at the top. This is bound to wake to you. It certainly did that for me when I nearly choked on the thick condensed milk, and that was even after stirring the concoction thoroughly. No doubt this together with all beverages on the menu featured in the ‘formula sheet’ stuck discreetly behind the coffee machine

Churros never fail to cheer us up. We practically had that almost every morning while in Madrid. While I’m sure the crisp-fried strips of dough are served elsewhere in London, the only other place that I’ve seen it is at a pull-cart in Soho, which sells churros for £4 per cup (5 – 6 strips probably).


Camino’s churros (4 for £1.75) was a great deal. It comes with quite a bit of chocolate dip to boot. I thought that it tasted a bit flat and didn’t have the fluffiness that I would expect.


The desayuno completo (£7) or full Spanish wasn't exactly pretty but was quite substantial. Two pan fried eggs with chistorra (Navarran sausages), bacon, pan-roasted potatoes with green pepper and onions, served with salad and toast. The pan-roasted potatoes was done wonderfully well, moist and flavourful.


Wife’s revuelto je jamon y queso o bacalao (£8.50) comes with free range (no less) scrambled eggs on toast with smoked cod. We expected the cod to be placed separately but it turned out that it was scrambled in the eggs as well. That tasted better than it looked but you’ll need the churros to fill you up after that.

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If you are heading towards King’s Cross for your train the next time round, instead of popping by MacDonald’s for a burger, why not drop by Camino for brunch? Chocolate dipped churros topped an espresso beats a hamburger anytime.

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The London Foodie said...

Really enjoyed my dinner at Camino Canary Wharf, I should now try this one as I live so close, thanks for the write up!

Luiz @ The London Foodie

C K said...

Oh yes, definitely. Try going down for dinner first. I think the atmosphere is better than that at Canary Wharf.

Greedy Diva said...

I love Camino but my sweet toothed boyfriend's only complaint is that they don't serve the churros at night! We've been meaning to head there for brunch for that very reason!

Spaniard said...


C K said...

Looks like a typo there. Thanks for pointing that out. Have corrected it. Cheers!