Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hotel Chocolat - Christmas came early this year

The weather has been fickle recently. Bursts of sunshine followed by days of grey gloomy skies and rain. My moods had been a reflection of the weather and it was a welcome lift to the spirits when the kind folks at Hotel Chocolat offered me the opportunity to be among the first to try and review their Christmas specials.


I have always been a big fan of Hotel Chocolat. Their stores have a sleek decor (truly reminiscent of a boutique hotel) their chocolates come packaged in lovely packaging which make them excellent for presents and of course the chocolates (those I have tried thus far) have been divine. What is there not to like?


I received the Christmas Wreath for review. As the name suggests the chocolate is shaped in the form of a Christmas wreath (with bows and all) and comes packaged in a festive gold box. My immediate thought when I saw it was wow, this would be perfect for the office Christmas presents and Hotel Chocolat has confirmed that yes this is indeed from their stocking fillers range. Priced attractively at just £6, I can see it flying off the shelves based on its looks and pricing alone. Oh, if you are looking for a bigger wreath, they've got that as well.


The chocolate is creamy (40 percent milk chocolate) and had a nice crunch to it as hand cut florentines, cocoa and shortbread cookies, caramel bits and white chocolate chunks have been added for the luxury factor. The cocoa and caramel bits balance each other out nicely so the end result is just right - not too sweet even for me who is usually more inclined towards dark chocolates.


So this year this will be the taste of Christmas for me (and my mates at the office). Hotel Chocolat has other Christmas goodies to tempt the tastebuds, can't wait to try them out! Not forgetting the little ones, there are even Advent Calendars filled with chocolate treats. Seems like this year round, it's going to be a chocolaty Christmas.


TT is a regular contributor to London Chow and Singaporean in London. She, like all of us, loves her food (and chocolates) to bits.

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