Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tsunami review - Black Cod Miso

Address: 93 Charlotte St, London W1T 4PY
Tel: 020 7637 0050
Nearest Tube station: Goodge Street

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £15 pp (after 20% off)
Service charge: 12.5%
Taste: ***
Service: ****
Ambience: ***
Suitable for: groups of at least four
One of my favourite dishes in Singapore was steamed black cod. Of course I didn't know that it was called black cod then. I loved its silky texture and unique milky taste. In Singapore it is known as snow fish (a direct translation) and quite readily available at the local markets. When I came to London, I couldn't seem to find it in the supermarket or fishmonger so I simply thought it was not available. Imagine my surprise when I was told by a friend recently that my favourite fish in Singapore is actually known as sablefish or black cod, miso black cod being Nobu's signature dish.

However I was not quite prepared to spend a small fortune at Nobu, not for now at any rate. I did a search online and found that other than Nobu a number of Japanese restaurants were recommended for this dish, one of them being Tsunami. Apparently the chef was ex-Nobu and could do a mean version of this dish. Excited about being reacquainted with my favourite fish, I immediately made a dinner reservation at its Charlotte Street branch.


Tsunami Charlotte Street is not styled as your typical Japanese restaurant. It has a very modern vibe with huge floral prints on the wall with club music in the background. Its menu was rather unusual for a Japanese restaurant with dishes like foe gras oysters, roasted pork belly and oriental broccoli on its menu. It was packed despite it being a Monday night and I thought surely that must be a good sign.


However it was not to be. My miso black cod (gin dara) turned out to be a huge disappointment. The fish seemed to be overcooked. It was really tough and took me quite a while to cut through.


My dinner date fared much better with his grilled marinated eel (hira unagi). The eel was nicely cooked and went very well with the pickles.


To make up for my disappointing main course, I ordered green tea and sesame ice-cream for desert. I had expected the usual black creamy concoction for my sesame ice-cream so I was really surprised to find that Tsunami's version was creamy white with black specks of sesame. The ice cream was delicious, the flavours hit just the right note and went some way to making up for my disappointment for my main course.

If you would like to give Tsunami a try, they are currently having a promotion - 20% off for orders before 7p.m. Call before you go though to check that the promotion is still there. That's good value for their other dishes, I would give their black cod a miss though.

The author, who goes by the moniker of Twinkle Toes is a regular contributor to both London Chow and Singaporean in London. She, like most of us, lives to eat.

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