Sunday, 4 April 2010

Soho Pizzeria review - easily the best pizza in London

Address: 16-18 Beak Street, London W1F 9RD
Tel: 020 7434 2480
Nearest Tube station: Piccadilly Circus

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £15 pp
Service charge: NA
Taste: ****
Service: ***
Ambience: **
Suitable for: a first date or night out with pals
After getting the tickets for Mrs Warren's Profession, we were deciding on a quick pre-theatre dinner when a sudden craving for pizza came over us. Not those thick bread slices with a thin cheese film masquerading as pizzas peddling for £1.50 in Leicester Square and definitely not Pizza Express (which in my opinion, was doing pizzas an injustice) but some real pizzas.

Having heard of raving reviews of Soho Pizzeria where I always walk past on my way to Carnaby Street en route to Cha Cha Moon but never once try, we decided to trek from TKTS and give it a go this time round.


Soho Pizzeria, located at the junction of Soho's Beak Street and Upper John Street, with its neon lit cosy interior was modelled after the pizzerias found in New York's Soho. There is a corner in the pizzeria dedicated to live music performance, mainly jazz ones really. A pity that we didn't get the benefit of watching one as Larson, the waiter serving us, informed us that live music would be available from 7.30pm every evening save Sunday.

Though it wasn't quite packed while we were there at around 6pm, I suspect with its tight arrangement of furniture, it would be a crowded affair when there there is life music. As we were rather short of time, I hastily beckoned Larson (who was doing a little dance in his bow tie and white crisp shirt near the doorway to the soft background music) and placed our orders.

"Would you like cheese with your African Neptune?" Larson queried after I made the order for this interesting concoction of tuna, anchovies, olives and capers. "Well, it's good without cheese but some people might like cheese with their pizzas," Larson carried on. "What would you recommend?" I ventured, not sure whether I was game for a pizza without any cheese. "I suggest you add cheese," concluded Larson much to my relieve.


I realised later that the cheese topping added £1.30 (inclusive of 30p to an African charity) to the £8 price tag of my African Neptune pizza. Not that I have any complains really. At 10", it was smaller than the regular 12" servings at La Forchetta, but the tuna and anchovies toppings were generous and went beautifully with the cheese. In fact, I couldn't imagine the pizza without cheese. Wouldn't it be like mere meat toppings on toasted bread?

Now we are on the subject of bread. I recall there was a big hoo-haa when Pizza Hut first introduced pizzas which rims were filled with cheese when I was a kid. But the bread base in Soho Pizzeria is in a league of its own. Its softness and consistency reminded me of the Turkish bread that I had at Hazev, totally unlike the hard fire baked pizzas toasted to a crisp at most pizzerias that I have been to.

Wife agreed wholeheartedly while munching on her Hawaiian. "It probably wouldn't be as good if it's bigger." Perhaps but we concurred that the pizzas at Soho Pizzeria were easily the best pizzas that we have tasted. Period.


"How much would you like to pay?" mumbled Larson in his baritone voice when he came with the bill later. Bemused, I took a quick glance at the scrape of paper placed in front of me and realised what he meant - the bill did not include service charge. That probably explained why another waiter didn't react to my request for the bill earlier. No issue with that personally as Kristine Keeler's picture outside the gents would easily justify a return trip.

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Aidyl said...

Me and my boyfriend passed by Soho Pizzeria and as I remembered your review here, we gave it a go. =)
Unfortunately it was too early for the live music.
There were not too many people, so we were served quickly.
I ordered the African Neptune pizza which was quite good, but a little bit too salty for my taste.
However, I loved the texture of the dough and it was topped generously. No cheese needed. ;)

C K said...

Ah.. I remembered it being salty as well. Was it the anchovies? Would try it without the cheese next time round. Got to wait my waistline.