Monday, 22 March 2010

Gama review - Korean restaurant with Japanese menu and karaoke sharing the same address

Address: 42 Dean Dean Street,
London W1D 4QA
Tel: 020 7728 7788
Nearest Tube station: Liverpool Street

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £15 pp
Service charge: 10%
Taste: ***
Service: ****
Ambience: ***
Suitable for: groups of four heading for
a warm Korean barbecue
We really need to plan our meal times properly.

After a couple of days of gloomy weather, we skipped off to Regent's Park hoping to catch a whiff of spring the moment BBC reported a favourable weather for London on Sunday. So there we were, merrily strolling through the acres of greenery with budding shoots until the all too familiar growling of the stomach brought us to a premature halt.

"Erm, what's for dinner?" I ventured when I recalled that I had gobbled up the last morsel we had in our larder just the night before. That wasn't a good sign. With the supermarts closing early, there wouldn't be a chance for any grocery shopping. Then again, it meant eating out, which was always welcomed.

"Let's head for some Korean, shall we?" In fact, I had Korean Kitchen when I suggested that. "Sounds good. What about the Korean restaurant along Dean Street that KL recommended the last time round?" Wife suggested. Not being to recall the exact name of the restaurant, I did a search using my phone and  Gama is the only restaurant that turned up along Dean's Street.


Ironically, we stood outside Gama for quite some time and very nearly wanted to skip it when we reached there 30min later. Firstly, there was karaoke within the same premises and that reminded me of Arang's karaoke located in the basement, which was promptly turned into pseudo nightclub with scantily clad hostesses after dinner time. Also, besides a relatively scant Korean offering, Gama's menu also boosted complementary Japanese options as well.

But I must say that Gama's interior held more promise than its facade. Each table, which seated at least four, came equipped with a barbecue pit. With a comfortable mixture of slow numbers playing in the background and ever pleasant all Korean staff, Gama was turning out better than we expected.


Gama provided us some beansprouts sprinkled with sesame seeds and pickled seaweed as complementary  'services' (a term told to us by a Korean). However, I noted that each portion was prepared way beforehand and left on the serving counter but I guess it didn't matter that much since they weren't exactly fresh to begin with.


The ka pong gi (fried chicken in spicy sauce) - £6.80 was a tad mushy. However, the spicy sweet sauce that it was mixed into packed a punch. However, I wouldn't put in the same league as that served at Cah Chi. That said, I did cleaned up all the crunchy cucumber bits in the sauce.


We ordered the only pancake - £6.50 in the menu and that turned out to be the ever popular Korean seafood pancake. Gama's pancake, which could be thicker, turned out a bit over-burnt. I wasn't sure whether there was any 'seafood' in there but I thought I tasted some calamari bits in it.


That was only the second time in my life that I ordered bimbimbab - £6.50. Perhaps I needed to fill up my stomach fast and needed a sugar fix. Short of serving a salmonella infested egg, it was hard to get a bimbimbab wrong. Seriously. Gama's bimbimbab was of a good size and I was perfectly fine with its ingredients as well.


Gama was fast filling up when we left at around 7pm. Save for a comparatively surly looking gentleman who handed our bill, the Gama experience turned out quite fine. In fact, we would definitely return for its barbecue the next time round.

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