Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sun Luen Snack Bar review - London Chinatown Chinese buns and pastries, eat-in or takeaway

Address: 14 Little Newport Street,
London WC2H 7JJ
Tel: 020 7437 0251
Nearest Tube station: Leicester Square

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £5 pp
Service charge: N/A
Taste: **
Service: **
Ambience: *
Suitable for: a pitstop when you're feeling peckish
I couldn't help but noticed that there would clusters of people milling around in the underground Leicester Square Tube station just outside the ticket gantry during peak hours. Every now and then, most would glance at their watches with irritation and then their mobile phones with frustration.

I understood their predicament. The worse place to be waiting for someone at Leicester Square would be in the underground station itself where air could be stuffy and the mobile phone reception was non-existent. I used to be shuffling around impatiently (in the rare occasion that I was early) until I found salvation in Sun Luen Snack Bar.


Sun Luen Snack Bar, along Little Newport Street, was a mere 20 metres from Leicester Square Tube station entrance. The cosy bakery, which doubled up as a snack bar, could barely sit fifteen souls shoulder to shoulder. But it boasted an array of freshly baked Chinese pastries and buns that included charsiew (roast pork) and ham & egg buns, custard egg tarts, sesame balls filled with black bean paste, you-tiao (fried dough) just to mention a few.


Just step through the door, take your pick from the trays that lined the window displays, order a milk tea to go with them and settle down in an empty seat. The pleasant Chinese lady who runs the place (I didn't get a chance to ask for her name) would heat up your order and deliver it to your table within minutes.


I would always go for the charsiew buns and egg tarts. For just over a quid each, I have to say that the portion and fillings are rather generous. If you're in for a heavy snack, definitely go for a bowl of soy milk with you-tiao on the side. Alternatively, order a dou-hua (sweetened beancurd) instead.


A staff lugged a couple of trays of freshly baked cheese buns from bakery in the basement when I was there. And I was so nearly tempted to one of those even though I just had my fill. Now, that's one place to hang out when you're trying to kill time in Leicester Square the next time round.

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