Monday, 25 January 2010

Sausage and Mash (S&M) review - British answer to hangovers at Islington

Address: 4-6 Essex Road, London, N1 8LN
Tel: 020 7359 5361
Nearest Tube station: Angel

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £10 pp
Service charge: N/A
Taste: *
Service: ***
Ambience: *
Suitable for: curing hangovers with comfort food
Wife asked whether I was sure that I wanted to write about it when she saw me taking out my camera at S&M that morning. "Pretty soon, you're going to write about even the visit to the local McDonald's!" she lamented after I nodded my head.

Well, not that I will go to the local McDonald's, not after the fist fight that broke out between two groups of teenagers vying for territory. Yep, spilling blood for the a patch of greasy tiles between Iceland and The One Pound Shop. I swore that I would never fall for the lure of the 99p double cheeseburger again. Ever.


Where were we? Right. S&M. Since that fateful Monday morning when almost the entire central London was snowed in with traffic plowed to a stop and we decided to pop into the local S&M at Islington for a breakfast instead, it was like almost a weekly ritual for us.

There was something about S&M. I wasn't sure whether it was the radio music playing in the background, or the aroma of sausages and mash, or even the chirpy waitresses (and waiters of course), there was something inviting about S&M. It was probably the free tea or coffee refill when you got a meal as S&M because it was official the place to go for cure a hangover on weekends.

But of course, both Wife and I couldn't be more sober when we stepped in that morning at five minutes to eleven. "Good morning!" the waitress flashed a wide grin. I felt good already as I walked past the kitchen where the 'grill chefs' were hard at work.


I wasn't about to tuck into a Workers Special Breakfast (with unlimted toasts), not when we were going to meet HP for lunch at Min Jiang at one. I opted for a Double London Traditional Sausage sandwich (£2.95). Apparently, Wife felt the same as well. Instead of going for the omelette of three eggs, she ordered a Fish Finger sandwich (£2.95).

If you think that the sandwiches weren't much to look at, you're not alone. To be honest, they didn't taste that good either - the sausages were charred and the fish fingers were mushy. But as I sunk my teeth into my sandwich, everything felt all rosy again.


It must be the cheesy posters plastered all over. Or the friendly waitress had added something to my tea. Darn.

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