Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bodean's BBQ review - Hearty American burger joint at London's Tower Hill

Bodean%27s+BBQ+review+Soho+Special+burgerIn my one day in London guide, I recommended the two fish and chips stalls and Wagamama for lunch after a visit to Tower of London and I've come to realise the folly of that. Wagamama is packed during lunchtimes and though the queue moves at a decent rate, being packed onto long canteen style tables doesn't really aid one's appetite.

If that is bad, try manoeuvring a slab of fish with pigeons eyeing your chips. To make matter worse, central London has been hit by blustery winds lately and eating outdoors is definitely not an option. But unknown to tourists, there is a decent burger joint just across the road - a 2 minutes' walk away from Tower of London ticket office.

Bodean's BBQ, which specializes in hearty roast pork burgers with healthy servings of chips is a hot favourite for the local working crowd. In my opinion, the only reason why it hasn't already been mobbed by tourists is due to its less than desired location. Tourists who actually made it across Tower Hill Terrace stopped short at Wetherspoon while a more satisfying lunch is a mere 10m down Byward Street at Bodeon's BBQ.

Although Bodean's has full service seating in the basement, most customers would choose to order directly at the counter on the ground floor and settle down in one of the bar stools. Service is always consistently prompt and friendly.

the large Soho Special kept me drowsy for much of the afternoon

I ordered a large Soho Special (£6.50) when I was there with a cup of tea (£1.50), an odd combination I must admit. Served with two slices of pickles, a handful of large cut chips and cheese dips, the burger was more than a decent meal. As the pork is lightly roasted in sweet BBQ sauce and not grilled, the meat tears away easily unlike those pork patties found in lesser eateries.

Curiously, there's a 40 inch plasma TV on a side wall playing Mohammad Ali's clips in a loop. If you fancy watching Mohammad throw punches while munching on your burger, Bodean's BBQ is your new favourite haunt.

Address: 16 Byward Street, Tower Hill, London EC3R 5BA
Tel: 0207 488 3883
Nearest Tube station: Tower Hill

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £10 pp
Service charge: N/A
Taste: ****
Service: ***
Ambience: **
Suitable for: a hearty lunch

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Dutchie said...

Is there a time limit to pigging out for 10 bucks ?

Makes me think of a documentary abt Texas having the highest stats on obesity in the country. Their food strip is full of fast food restaurants, with many offering all u can eat for one price. It's no wonder that it attracts some undesirables. One guy in particular was banned from several establishments bec he was notorious for pigging out all day in one place.

We hv similar weekend buffets at the chinese restaurants but it's limited from 1200 - 1400 hrs n € 25,00 is not exactly cheap !

Weekend Carnivore said...

Being born in the States, but having lived in London for over 13 years now, I am always on the look out for American comfort food in the UK.

I have been to the Soho branch of Bodeans a number of times and their stuff is pretty darn good. It isn't every day food, of course! Now and then, though, when you want good BBQ it is the place to go.

Their Buffalo chicken wings were really good the last time I was there and pretty close to how you get them back home.