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La Forchetta Pizzeria & Restaurant review - a cheap alternative to Pizza Express in London

La+Forchetta+pizzeria+review+London+Islington+AngelSome say that the High Street/Essex road in Angel Islington is the street with the most restaurants, eateries and bars in the whole of Europe . How true that claim is, I'm really not sure but one thing is true, you would really be spoilt for choice when it comes to for dining. In fact, if you were to visit one restaurant every weekend, it would be almost a year before you hit the same place again.

That's also the reason why I never understood why so many would flock to Pizza Express when there are a number of pizzerias that are much better in terms of taste. La Forchetta Restaurant, which sits at 73 Upper Street , is just one of them.

Its recent promotion of selected pasta and thin crust oven baked pizzas (12 inches) at £4.90 each was what first brought me to this self styled Italian eatery chain. Staffed entirely by Italians, the service could be pretty brash. Don't get me wrong, the staff is not impolite, you just don't expect them to fawn over you while you decide on what to order.

We proceeded to order a Mariana (spaghetti) and a Forchetta pizza. Currently there's an ongoing promotion of any pasta and pizza with a drink thrown in for £6.90. Add a quid for beer. The Mariana was done just right with fresh seafood. You would however, after a quick survey around the restaurant, conclude that most patrons are going for the pizzas instead of pasta.

La+Forchetta+pizzeria+London+Islington+AngelThe Forchetta pizza, which the restaurant takes its name from, normally goes for £6.70 without the promotion, is a treat with parma ham and eggplant. Crisp edges but not burnt (like the one I had at Uno just a couple of doors down the street), I would say that the pizzas served in La Forchetta is a treat with a swig of beer.

While serving the food, a waiter came by with a bowl of parmesan cheese and grunted in heavily Italian accented English,

"Would you like some parmesan to go with your spaghetti though we don't recommend it?"

That sums up the La Forchetta's experience - the Italian styled pizzaria that would not shy away from telling you how you should have your food.

Address: 73 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0NY
Tel: 0171 2266 879
Nearest Tube station: Angel

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £15 pp
Service charge:
Taste: ***
Service: **
Ambience: **
Suitable for: a casual date

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