Thursday, 11 June 2009

Golden Gate Dessert House review - London Chinese dessert hangout

Golden+Gate+Dessert+House+reviewOne thing that I realized about the Chinese restaurants in London's Chinatown is that they do not serve decent desserts. By decent, I am referring to the traditional Chinese (Cantonese or Taiwanese) desserts and the ice cream that many Chinese restaurants in Leicester Square serve is definitely not one of them. In fact, the same could be said about most if not all the Chinese restaurant in London.

We were having dinner at Chinatown the other day and, as always, asked for the 'dessert menu' after a satisfying meal. There were a grand total of three items on the menu, two of which were essentially jelly doused with ice cream and the third was a cold pastry of some kind. Sensing our disappointment, the waiter was helpful enough to point out that there is a dessert café just round the corner. Minutes later, we were on our way.

Cakes+Golden+Gate+Dessert+HouseGolden Gate Dessert House looks like one of those cake shops that are ever so common in Hong Kong. Lining its glass displays are beautifully decorated chiffon cakes, which would make lovely birthday cakes. That's provided that you are prepared to cut it up in the first place; it's almost destroying an work of art if you know what I mean.

The interior is unsurprisingly cram. With a maximum seating capacity for around 20, it's not exactly suitable for large parties.

The dessert menu, however, is rather extensive with a range of desserts, which include Pearl Milk Tea (£3.30), Mango Pudding (£3), Ginger Beancurd (£2.80), Honey Lemon Sago (£3) and even Tang Yuan (£2.60) just to list a few. Not only that, Golden Gate Dessert House also serve a variety of buns that go really well with a hot dessert. Now, this is what I would love after a meal.

We ordered the Beancurd, Gui Lian Gao and a Lian Rong (lotus paste) bun along with milk tea and a Yuan Yang (tea/coffee mix). The desserts tasted quite fine though it could be a tad warmer. Yuan Yang tasted just like it should with fine balance between the tea and coffee. The Lian Rong bun is done nicely with its dough peeling away easily.

Although Golden Gate Dessert House is along Shaftesbury Avenue, it is hardly where the main action (Gerrard Street) is. That's probably the reason why you would still be able to get seats during mealtimes. If you're looking for some warm Chinese desserts, head straight for Golden Gate Dessert House.

Address: 110 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5EJ
Tel: 0207 4943840
Nearest Tube station: Leicester Square

Ratings (out of 5 *)
Price: below £5 pp
Service charge: N/A
Taste: ***
Service: *
Ambience: *
Suitable for: after-dinner hangout

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Anonymous said...

Wow! this sounds great!
I will go there to try it out for sure =D

Chris said...

This is the worst cafe in London. The staff were rude to the point of offensive.

I have just returned home from a chinese meal where we popped to this place for a dessert and I am still astonished at how I have just been treated. I can only assume that we walked in on a blazing row between the 2 staff members.

C K said...

Sorry to hear that... though the staff were indifferent when we were there (I noticed that they become much friendlier when a customer spoke Cantonese), they weren't exactly rude.

Xander Lawson said...

Looking at those cakes just made my mouth water. Guess I have to call some sedation dentists and see if I can set an appointment in advance because I'm going on an eating binge tonight.